144491160-LBorn & raised in India I moved to the US 13 years ago. I love drinking hot chai (tea) and biscuits are my weakness. I travel often and my dream destination is Italy. I’m a sucker for movies and have known to listen to Pink Floyd on repeat. I love photography and can roam around with my camera shooting for hours. It’s my favorite thing to do ever..ever..ever. I shoot candid style and like to capture people and moments through my lens. I currently live in NYC and would love to help you capture your favorite moments and events. Connect with me on InstagramFacebook, Twitter and Flickr

Random Facts about me

  • I’m a social entrepreneur/economist with a Ph.D. degree
  • I love working on women’s issues
  • I’m hooked on Spinning (indoor cycling) but am scared to ride a bike on the streets
  • I am attracted to colorful objects
  • I am a sucker for everything from Anthropology. It’s my favorite store
  • I can’t walk in heels, they are bloody painful
  • I can’t eat eggs without ketchup
  • I hate snakes…. I am scared of them

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